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I asked many questions before I purchased it I was told it covered everything on my vehicle. I even asked about issues to the motor and was told it was covered.

I called to file a claim and explained to them what problem possible head gasket the guy told me it was covered no problem they had it towed to the shop to be repaired by their wrecker k&k. GUy told me to have shop call him back and they would go from there with repairs. Shop tried to call the 888 number back within 45 mins to hour and kept being busy. so I had to call alternate number and come to find out they claimed phone lines were down where ever the line was going so had to call a different number and I don't know who the lady at the shop spoke to at that number but they denied it waste of my day and time.

Was not able to get back in contact with the guy who okay the repair and setup the tow. According to these rip off companies you are paying for a warranty on vehicle that is not ever going to cover anything on your vehicle cause they want to holler wear and tear or some other excuse to not pay for repairs. In order for parts of a vehicle to go out there will be issues you have to run into for them to go out. I was told and assumed that I ran my vehicle hot and it was already running hot before this happened which is not the case.

If you in traffic on a highway and the temp goes up these people expect for you to stop in the middle of the highway and shut your vehicle down just to stop it from overheating there are cases like this you can not avoid and then the guy was literally arguing me down and trying to tell me what I did to my car when he admitted he was not even there but his reasoning over powered what I was telling him. It makes no sense to pay for a warranty when everything they say is covered turns out to be a lie and you still have to come out your pocket to fix it. This is a scam. I keep my car well maintenanced all my oil changes on schedule new tires every year even when they still seem to have tread on them for more miles to go.

I was told nothing on the motor is covered if it runs hot okay so how do you expect to cover the motor if it does not run into an issue they are banking on part's malfunction or parts never going out at all and warranty /miles goal to expire so they want have to pay for nothing. They don't expect problems to arise they expect for your vehicle to stay in good shape and they take your money and you pay for a warranty you will never get to use and you paying for your own repairs regardless if its covered but they will find some small nip or reason to deny. Makes no sense at all a warranty is suppose to keep you covered if anything goes wrong with your vehicle. Buyer beware.

To this day my car is still down paying for a useless warranty that money I could of had saved to have my car repaired from running into a situation I had no control over. Warranty is a waste of time and money receievd is a prorated amount back for what when you have not repaired nothing on the vehicle at all and there is only 1 claim is indeed a rip off. I am paying for a warranty that I can not use and still have to pay the warranty and someone to fix my vehicle on top of it all and now you can keep my money and I still have to pay for my own repairs? it's unbelievable to me the unscrupulous people will take advantage of people who try to get warranties to help protect their car so they want have to worry about last minute financial issues that can arise when they need their vehicle repaired.

Total RIP OFF. Their thoughts and answers is the last say so no matter what you or the repair shop tells them its either their way or no way. You are basically giving them free money in their pocket and they can decide on what they want to cover and what they don't want to cover. On top of all this now first lie was nothing on motor is ever covered if it runs hot now they are trying to claim I drove my car to the repair shop which melted components on my motor and I did not have it towed in so now I neglected my car.

REally another lie so they want have to give me all my premiums back. Indeed I have proof it was towed in to the shop and no one at the shop never tore it apart to see what the true problem was nor did the repair shop tell me anything about components melted only head gasket possibly really the lies they try to find to not give you all your money back is crazy. Another shop took it apart and turns out to be the radiator not head gasket there are no melted anything no water and oil mix inside of the heads oil pan or anything which tells me this warranty is a total RIP OFF!! SCAM!!!

I want all my premiums back.

Pay them for what to tell you they not going to cover your covered part and still keep your money. DONT BUY A WARRANTY UR BETTER OFF SAVING THIS MONEY TO SIDe and keeping it yourself to pay for your repairs.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. mccallcandy200 stated that there is a room for improvement of do not want to pay for repairs and find excuse after excuse to not pay. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss warranty issue of car. Jr Auto Protect needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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FULLL REFUND>>>I did not get.


Since this company is stuck on this new information I am not aware of at all I am contacting the owner of JK to get to the bottom of what was told to this company and we shall go from there. GOOD Day everyone just beware you will have to jump thru hoops to get repairs done by this company.

go to and see other reviews.

If I was told all of this up front this could of been handled a different you never leave out information like this you put everything you are told out on the table to be addressed not hold back information and then come out of no where and throw it up on the table. Contacting owner personally now....

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1101872

First off, our company is A+ rated by the BBB and this is the first bad review, to my knowledge, that has been posted.

There is many untrue and non accurate statements made in the customer's complaint. Also, please advise we are a sales office and not the warranty company who makes the decisions and pays the claims out.

Her policy is through Enterprise Financial Group located in Irving Texas and is the company who has denied her claim, NOT US.

Please read our response below and I think you will be able to determine what is REALLY going on here:

Customer contacted us on 11/19/2014 to purchase a policy. We reviewed detailed options with her on the phone, emailed the policy, and spent 40 minutes with her reviewing the coverage. After she was satisfied with reading and reviewing the policy she purchased the highest level of coverage available for her 7-year-old vehicle with over 123,000 miles.

The customer took her vehicle into the Chevrolet dealer (JK Chevrolet). Per administration, the dealer reported to the claims department that the vehicle was abused by being driven well past the point of overheating causing melting of engine components.

Had the customer taken advantage of the free roadside and towing service included with her policy instead of ignoring the vehicles on board diagnostics and warning lights, the outcome may have been different. Unfortunately, the contract states abuse and neglect are non-covered conditions caused by the vehicle operator, not failure of any vehicle part.

When a vehicle's warning lights come on, it is the owners responsibility to pull safely off the road and shut the car off, not keep driving it until the engine gets so hot it melts the components of the motor. This is no different a scenario than if an Oil light, ABS light, or any other light comes on notifying the operator or possible danger and is also the same recommendation found in the owner's manual of the vehicle.

We have already cancelled and refunded the customer on 01/08/16 prior to this complaint even being made.

to JRAUTO2016 Beaumont, Texas, United States #1102158

Total lie the JK shop never told you at all that my car was abused why didnt someone tell me this when it first came up. Why was this lie told to me and I could of gotten with JK on it.

This company told me out their own mouth it was a head gasket never did they say it was abuse or said melted components per the shop I was at the shop whenJK company contacted this company concerning my repair. Shop never tore my car down nor apart just looked inside my reservoir so how can it be told componenets melted that means something would of caught fire the car was not driven pass the point. Why cause How can someone drive a car until it melts a car will shut down. I had a second opinion where another shop torn it down and apart there was nothing inside of my motor no oil and water mix it was the radiator so this company needs to stop lieing.

They said I didn't use their roadside assistance and I drove my car total lie their K&K towing company towed my vehicle to the shop lie after lie. Never did JK tech nor the second shop say anything to me about melted compnents this is new to my knowledge cause what I was told at JK and from a guy at this company was head gasket none of this other stuff. I have print out of the report from JK no where on it does it say anything about what this company is claiming. It's not over.

Anyone recommend me a lawyer I can call and have my case listened to thanks.

I am not going to keep arguing about something I was never told and all of a sudden came up. I know what both people told me which turned out to not be the problem at all.

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